I'm old school and still appreciate a links page. So here it is...

Beautiful art, beautiful subjects - Tim Kelly
Beautiful portrait art - Matt Talbert
Half of my art subjects - Legs Emporium
Longtime inspiration - Olivia De Berardinis
More inspiration - Coop
amazing classical art - Dan Witz
fine art with a twist, and a knot - James Asher
Internet culture and history - Whang!
Learn and laugh about everything - AVE
Lego puzzle boxes! - Cheat3
Listen and learn, RIP Mr. P - The Black Phillip Show
Metal News and Info - Loudwire
Old tech explained - Technology Connections
One of my fav sites since the late 90s - Cockeyed - Rob Cockerham
Passion for 80s computing - The 8-Bit Guy
Passion for good cinema - Rossatron
Art and Apparel from my brother Carl - Solid Black 01
Awesome local venue - Cactus House
Best brewery in town - Eccentric Brewing Company
Listen to Dave! - Dirty Dave
My brother Cadra - Danny Cadra
Our local homebrew club - Basin Brewers
The best spot in town - The Blue Door
Tim's metal art - Metal Devil Arts
Weekly new releases of killer tunes - Rage for Order
Gorgeous and colorful art - bleeckart
Clean the spraypaint from your 3rd eye - Bill Hicks
Laugh, Big Daddy - Theo Von
Legend - George Carlin
Metal Memegod - KMAC
Shut up you fucking baby - David Cross
current torch holder - Doug Stanhope
fucking hilarious, champions - Nat's What I Reckon
Always cubing - Ruwix
Cubers - r/Cubers
Don't code without it - stack overflow
Great web design resource - CSS-Tricks
Learn you some cookin' - Cowboy Kent Rollins
Lots of helpful folks - r/SCREENPRINTING
My favorite screen printing instructor - Catspit Productions
The science of cooking - Alton Brown
great YouTube for cubing at all levels - J Perm
Buy your music from the artist - Bandcamp
Fantastic documentary on my fav music - Slave to the Grind
Get schooled on hardcore - The Punk Rock MBA
RIP Professor, best band ever - Rush